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“That’s what makes Paris, Paree”
(photos in the gallery)

North of My Will

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Very pretentious, Bouchon-esc restaurant. And very French. The maitre d’ fakes a heavy accent:
“Bonjour! How can I help you?”
“We would like to make a reservation for two at nine.”
“Bien sur! What’s your last name, s’il vous plait?”
“How do you spell that?”

Ten Days in the State of Aloha!

Day 1

At the airport in Kaua’i, we are welcomed by a pretty local girl who lays leis around our necks. I am surprised, but soon after that I find out Bebeloi ordered them in advance to surprise me, as I was disappointed the last time when we were here, because I had expected things to [...]

The Lost Highway

I’ve finally seen San Francisco. Why finally? Well, I think I was the only one left in this part of the world who didn’t have a story about that “different” city.
Of course, it rained, soft and petty, just enough to get on my nerves and spite me. I still had my share of little breaks, though. Long enough to [...]