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Who wants an Oscar?

I’ve seen the recently oscar-ized *millionaire* movie. The generous act of
calling it to attention made me feel like I wanted to go and see it but, on
the basic principle “Don’t count your Oscars before they hatched”, I didn’t
expect a real cinematic performance. It was good, though.  I’d say it was very well put together. The [...]

The curiously long case of Benjamin Button

I didn’t see the Oscar Ceremony because I was at the movies last night. I saw “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Pretty good, I’d say. I give it about three stars, if anyone asks me. Good plot, interesting idea, well done special effects, a little too long (was it because of that clock running [...]

Oooops, we forgot to laugh!

I went to the theatre to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop; “I’m sorry, I did a bad thing and I won’t do it again!“. I don’t know what really urged me to see this movie. It must have been the promise of the comedy of the year or the sweet memory of that convivial Kevin [...]