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My Failure to Remember

I’ll soon add a new year to the row of the other ones and, as some people say, this is an important one for a woman (or for a man; I don’t want to be a misandrist). As this is the way it should be, I started to weave nostalgias and sum up the things [...]

It’s the weekend! Again…

Saturday is not my favorite day of the week. I don’t know why, maybe because everybody loves Saturdays and I just want to be different. No, seriously, now! What can you do on a Saturday? You wake up lazily late, you stretch and scratch and then you walk around the house in your pajamas until [...]

A Valentine with headaches

I’m in an emotional dilemma. I don’t know if I should admire or get pissed off with all those hearts at CVS where I went to get some aspirin. I have a cold… I had aspirin at home but I felt such an urge for a new kind of aspirin, something special, something that would quadrate with the [...]

Just a thought

I woke up this morning and I was upset. I was mad with the wind.
Actually, the wind made me happy. What really upset me was that it didn’t whisper nice thoughts to me as it used to. It was just a simple wind from somewhere not far away, a wind with no emotions or the [...]

Here or there?

When I was more than sure I knew myself very well, I realized that I actually didn’t have any idea who I was. I mean, I am the same responsible citizen for all my deeds and vanities, but lately, I have felt helpless trying to stand up against my own person.
She, my person, wanted to [...]

With the blower for a walk

I don’t know if right now, on the top of the things that scratch my nerves, there is something that could piss me off worse than the LEAF BLOWER. I have nothing against the doer himself. He just makes some honest money, probably without realizing how much mielina he peels off my nerves every Wednesday morning [...]


Neighbors! An almost extinct species. At least, the ones I used to know when, as a kid I was pushing my red bike on the pavement in front of my apartment building with one hand while eating the fresh end of the bread with jam with the other hand.
The neighbors were Tanti Maria from the first floor [...]

Un minut de savoare

Am sarbatorit recent Craciunul (e interesanta temporalitatea evenimentelor din viata mea si felul in care se inghesuie toate sa se intample cat mai recent).
Din motive independente de dorinta, vointa si mofturile mele, l-am sarbatorit aici, in tara de unde Craciunul ne venea an de an prin intermediul televizorului, incarcat de jingle bellsi, reni zburatori si [...]

A minute of savory

I’ve recently celebrated Christmas (the temporality of the events in my life is interesting; the way they crowd and compete to be the most recent.) 
For reasons independent from my wish, desire or whim, we celebrated here, in the country from where Christmas used to come to Romania by TV every year, loaded with jingle bells, [...]

Un pic de … mine

Am implinit recent doi ani.
Sapte sute si ceva de zile de cand am impins la vale bulgarele aventurii asteia americane.
Si bulgarele meu s-a tot rostogolit. A trecut peste hartoape, s-a mai impotmolit ici- colo, a adunat o gramada de mirari si reziduri existentiale, dar si-a urmat drumul fara oprire.
Acum, ce sa zic?
Ma uit la bulgarele [...]