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The greatest country in the world

“It’s not the greatest country in the world, professor, that’s my answer.”
“You’re saying—”
“Let’s talk about—”
“Fine. Sharon, the NEA is a loser. Yeah, it accounts for a penny out of our paychecks, but he [gesturing to the conservative panelist] gets to hit you with it anytime he wants. It doesn’t cost money, it costs [...]

G’day, mate!

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(images of Sydney in photo gallery)

Everything must go!

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As the Year Winds Down

In 2010, I resolve to look for less and find more. I resolve to stop asking questions and provide more answers. I resolve to make things better for myself and have no regrets. I resolve to just look around and…see. I resolve to smell ripe peaches and hear a saxophone fading off into the night. [...]

American “airs”

Today I felt like I wanted to write about the American “airs”, just in case there is somebody left out there who still believes this is something you can’t find in this part of the world. Well, the American “airs” have an important percent of participation in the daily life, even if the mortals are [...]

The place where the fall never comes…

I went out on the patio this morning and I noticed that some of the leaves have started to turn brown. “Here comes the fall” I say to myself, and I am there waiting for that well known emotion of the last days of summer, before school started, when leaves were falling and plums started [...]

Romanian food vs. American food

A friend has recently asked me whether I cooked here in America. I told her I did. Every now and then. But not very often. I don’t know if this makes me a modern woman or, on the contrary, throws me under the “no good housewife” category, but I know for sure that no matter which I would be, I [...]

At the seaside or at the ocean?

 This summer I seriously decided to take advantage of my status as the occupant of a place 10 minutes from the ocean. So far I have managed to go to the beach about 5 times. More than in other summers. I don’t ride a bike there, it’s hard to find a place to park your car and it’s impossible [...]


Lie to yourself
Count wonders
Ask yourself questions with lots of question marks in the end
Cry a tear 
Smile to the night
Search for yourself
Ask around if anyone has seen you
Too much, too intense, too real
Nobody has seen you
In a long time
Small and mediocre 
And empty
And with no access 
To the tale of life.


What do you do when there is nothing else left to do?