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meWho am I?

I guess it’s time to give an answer to this question, an answer which I’ve been looking for these thirty and something years.

Right now, I am a California resident with a Romanian soul and the airs of a blogger. Some time ago, not a long time ago, I was trying to find myself somewhere in the realities of my home town, Timisoara, and because I was not very successful there, I thought I could give a try to a place far away. I ¬†haven’t found myself here, yet, ¬†but I think I should give myself more time as I’ve just dropped in.

Bebeloi is the reason for why I have a wedding band on the responsible finger of my left hand and Strudelicu is the “oooshi-doooshi” who adorably meows our daily existence and who is relatives with “tufletel-murfletel”, the other precious furry who’s taking care of the dear ones back home.

Why am I writing here?

When I arrived to the States, I was promised a cultural shock, which proved out to be a cultural earthquake. So, right now, I try to counsel my thoughts by sharing my story, an American story with Romanian influences. Or, maybe, a Romanian story with an American domicile.