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Very pretentious, Bouchon-esc restaurant. And very French. The maitre d’ fakes a heavy accent:
“Bonjour! How can I help you?”
“We would like to make a reservation for two at nine.”
“Bien sur! What’s your last name, s’il vous plait?”
“How do you spell that?”


  1. I was directed to your blog while searching for bilingual blogs. It got me interested in more than that, as I read through your posts! I will be coming back.

    Having said that, I am also quite interested in the tool you used for the language options. I have a bilingual blog (English/Portuguese) and I have made quite a mess out of it! I have created two blogs and now I find it extremely difficult to manage. Have you used a plugin? Can you help me out?



    1. Bobiţa says:

      Hey Patricia! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      This is the software I am using:


      It looks like the version I am using (and started to use back in 2008) is an old version and it is no longer supported by the developer, as it was free, and they have just given it up. I am using WP2.8.6 and they are up to version 3.0.4. So, if I updated, I believe the bilingual feature would stop working. As things work fine for me the way they are I am not in a hurry to update.
      However, if I decide to do so I will probably try this:


      Hope this will help. Good luck with your blog.

  2. amalia says:

    Glad to be back on your blog. Your mom is wonderful, I ‘ve read the previous post :)

    1. Bobiţa says:

      Thanks Amalia and welcome back! I need to be more disciplined with writing on my blog. You’re doing such a great job with yours. I really enjoy reading you.

  3. Asta se intimpla undeva in California? :)

    1. Bobiţa says:

      In Vegas, intr-un restaurant cu pretentii de obarsie frantuzeasca.

  4. Nu ma mira, probabil toti angajatii lor sunt hispanici sau asiatici.

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