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The place where the fall never comes…

I went out on the patio this morning and I noticed that some of the leaves have started to turn brown. “Here comes the fall” I say to myself, and I am there waiting for that well known emotion of the last days of summer, before school started, when leaves were falling and plums started to invade the farmers markets together with their friends the grapes, the walnuts and the pumpkins for pie. And the mornings were chilly and Mom was looking for notebooks for school and blue plastic covers.  School started here in California, quietly, with no signaling, with no emotions, with no kids running around carring huge school bags, with no aroma of autumn. Kids got to school on a Wednesday, in big SUVs, pushing backpacks on wheels and sharing vacation stories with no flavor of childhood. School started here but autumn didn’t come. And it probably won’t come any time soon, no matter how many leaves will change their color.

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