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At the seaside or at the ocean?

 This summer I seriously decided to take advantage of my status as the occupant of a place 10 minutes from the ocean. So far I have managed to go to the beach about 5 times. More than in other summers. I don’t ride a bike there, it’s hard to find a place to park your car and it’s impossible or innapropriate to just walk. It’s not that I have turned into a person full of airs, it’s just something you don’t do here. It’s a sort of an unwritten rule that you start to follow soon after arrival, as you don’t want to stand out. And, why shouldn’t I admit it? It’s comfortable!

It’s just that, because of this, during the summer, the ocean is inaccessible. And for the same reason, I’ve started to wonder: Where is it better? At the ocean or at the seaside?

“At the ocean, of course!” I tell to myself quickly. It’s right here, it has palm trees and piers, the beaches are wide and not crowded, there are surfers, and it’s clean, as nobody spits out sunflower seeds shells and the air is not phonically polluted by the guy next to your towel who turns the music up in an attempt to draw everybody’s attention to his shiny, 2 finger thick golden necklace.
Maybe this is no longer the reality at the seaside, the reality I experienced when I used to spend my Summers there. I don’t know how much things have changed or if they’ve changed at all, but I still like to remember the mici on the terraces spread all over the beach, the tacky minute made photo with the monkey or the camel loaded with summer memories, the craziness of Costinesti and the stabilopozi. I know it sounds crazy, but I miss climbing those monsters and losing myself in contemplation while watching the sea playing hide-and-seek. And, to be perfectly honest, I also miss the algae and the sand full of shells and the lady with doughnuts and the beach that doesn’t close at 10pm. I don’t know where it is better. I don’t even know whether the seaside, the way I remember it, is still there, but I know that as long as there is this projection in my mind, the ocean has no chance to reach the status of the perfect place, as there will always be something richer in my memory to compare it with.


  1. ELF says:

    se pare ca tot mai verede este iarba verde de acasa si tot mai limpede apa marii decat a oceanului

  2. Cornelia says:

    Eu zic ca la ocean!:)

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