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Who wants an Oscar?

I’ve seen the recently oscar-ized *millionaire* movie. The generous act of
calling it to attention made me feel like I wanted to go and see it but, on
the basic principle “Don’t count your Oscars before they hatched”, I didn’t
expect a real cinematic performance. It was good, though.  I’d say it was very well put together. The person, who cut & pasted scenes knew exactly what to do and did it well, or well enough to obtain a motion
picture with personality.

The subject of the movie? Unrealistic!!! With a capital U and three exclamation marks. The tough reality of an Indian suburban life was extrapolated to give more credibility to the fiction (to be read
“nonsense”). It just didn’t work, as at some point you feel the movie slowly
swerves off of the road and what’s happening on the screen appears to be
from another story.

Small talk

-     I understand a kid would jump in a latrine to get the desired autograph of a life time; I just can’t understand how he comes out wearing a poop mask, perfectly contoured around his eyes and mouth, giving you the feeling
that the only thing missing to make this picture perfect would be two fresh
cucumber slices applied over the eyes.

-     I wonder,  ”Where did the kid learn Shakespeare’s language so well?”,
because I didn’t see him really attending school or having a tutor. Smart kid, no
doubt, but the unreasonableness  stands out like a white sewing on a black shoe.

-     Now, this is something, I’m sure, every contestant at “Who Wants to be
a Millionaire?” would like to experience – a break between the question and
the moment they need to give the answer. Not too long, just a little time,
enough for a visit to the bathroom, a coffee or a phone call, to see how
mom’s been doing lately…

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  1. ELF says:

    minunata descriere , facuta acestui animalut care timp de trei ani ti-a induiosat inima si ti-a umplut pana la refuz golul din suflet si care a ramas la fel de iubitoare si de responsabila fata de tot ce este in juru-i cautand permanent cu ochi ei splendizi pe cineva …oare pe cine ??? pacat ca este o necuvantatoare!

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