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A story of the original loved cat

This time the loved cat in the story has beautiful black fur, with an
adorable purrfect cat nose, a first prize winner of a cat beauty contest, if
there was such a thing, and a pair of eyes that make all your worries melt
away. I got Maca from an ex-colleague, back when cats were not necessarily
my favorite animals. The colleague had 4 newly born “meow”-ers and didn’t
know what to do with them. So she started asking around whether there was
somebody interested in becoming the owner of a cute, naughty kitty. I
wasn’t! It was just not on the list of my priorities then, so I skipped out
on it until we got a deal: Only for one week! I went to pick my one week
guest from that colleague’s house and when I entered, from the bunch of 4
furry balls, one came to me. She had half of a tail, not even straight,
dusky and noisy. She quickly climbed my legs and started to lick my hands. I
was there feeling that a thin layer of indifference to the furry situation
had just melted down and maybe we could make it two weeks.

It’s been 6 years since then, and if I hadn’t chosen to become a
transoceanic dreamer and traveler, I would still be sharing love with
Maca, in front of the TV, scratching her behind the ears, pleasantly accompanied
by her purring and the love in the air. Longing for going home, I visited
with Maca for 6 weeks last summer (she’s living with her grandparents, now)
and we spent time together, in my old apartment, just the two of us,
enjoying each other. I miss my “tufletel”. So much…










  1. Dana says:

    Uite-o pe Makaaaaa,ce stufoasa e!
    Daca ar vedea Stanford unde ai postat-o ar face crize de gelozie.Acum datorita povestii tale parca incepe sa imi placa Maka,mai ales ca o asociez cu ideea de “acasa”.Mai sa ma podideasca iarasi lacrimile,noroc ca mi-am amintit de la cine a fost infiata Maka si m-am trezit la realitate:)
    Oricum pentru azi dau un 10+ pentru Maka,stapana actuala si bunici.

    1. Bobiţa says:

      Stanford n-are motive de gelozie pentru ca are locul lui intr-un articolas ceva mai jos in pagina. Multumim pentru nota cea buna si ne bucuram nespus ca ti-am intrat in “gratii”.

  2. Mike says:

    Maca is sure a cute kitten! It makes me happy that she so proudly wears the name tag we had made for her in the first photo. ;)

    1. Bobiţa says:

      Yeah, that looks good on her! And, of course she proudly wears it because it’s from mommy and daddy! :)

  3. Becky says:

    Your Maca looks a lot like my Sally. ;) That is an interesting name, where does it come from?

    1. Bobiţa says:

      Maca is a Romanian cat. The story of me choosing this name for her is quite silly. She was a pretty vocal cat when she was little (no longer she is) and I used to tease her by going “maca, maca, maca!” which is the sound the “romanian” ducks make when they are really noisy. She responded well to this name and so, I kept it. I also started to like the way it sounded in relation with her.
      Does Sally have a short tail, too? First I thought the former owner of Maca cut her tail off (for whatever idiotic reasons I had in my mind at that point, not knowing anything about cats) but, later I found that it’s actually a common trait in cats with Thai ancestors.

  4. Tai says:

    Love the cat pics, especially the one with the cat under the spider plant! They sure do love getting into everything, my cat ate my cactus!

    I found your link on the primepress forum, your blog looks great! I have lots of work to do on mine to figure out all those little custom fixes. :(

    1. Bobiţa says:

      I have lots of adorable pics of both my cats. I plan on posting some more under photos.
      It took me a while to construct my blog but I’m pretty pleased right now. Thanks for the appreciative words and good luck with yours. I’m happy to help if I can.

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