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A story of a loved cat

Everybody loves their mothers, their fathers, uncles and grandmas, peace and sunsets. I love them all, as well, but in addition, I love “mieunel”. His name is Stanford, or Strudelicu, or Babicu, or Burdihanu or three times as many. He found a place in my soul two years ago, when he was 3 months old, under 3 pounds and the noisiest fluff around that animal shelter.

We couldn’t take him home the first time as he didn’t weigh enough so we had to wait until he gained the missing ounces. He did his best by eating like it was the last day of his life but it didn’t help too much, he was still under the proper weight. As soon as they put him back into his cage, he went straight to the litter box and made a long “caca”, and his face was saying: “I held this, as long as I could, but it was for nothing.” That was the moment when I fell in love with my little tiger.

Why Stanford? He’s from a family of two other brothers whose names were Harvard and Yale. We liked his name and decided to keep it, thinking that he might be a “big” cat someday.















  1. Mike says:

    Sid and I were best friends for 18 years, and I miss him quite a lot. Stanford, though, has his own place in my heart, and proves that love is infinite, because I love him as much as I ever loved Sid, and that just means there is twice as much love, not that any of the love I have for Sid is diminished in anyway.

  2. Bobiţa says:

    It’s the same with me and Maca.

  3. ELF says:

    cred ca Maca ar fi foarte gelosa sa vada la ce rang sant ridicati unii ….. dar ochi care nu se vad ……… oricum si farama de dragoste care a mai ramas e buna , noi nu santem foarte pretentiosi .

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