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A Valentine with headaches

I’m in an emotional dilemma. I don’t know if I should admire or get pissed off with all those hearts at CVS where I went to get some aspirin. I have a cold… I had aspirin at home but I felt such an urge for a new kind of aspirin, something special, something that would quadrate with the holiday. I don’t know… maybe I was just unconsciously looking for a reason to get out of the house. As I had taken my bad disposition with me, I thought it would be good to stop at the grocery store, where at this hour of the day, waiting in a line for about 20 minutes to pay for your baguette and yoghurt, may be a blessing. I couldn’t even unleash my nerves because… what can you do when you’re fenced in by heart shaped balloons and the ample smiles of Valentine’s Day consumers. I was there just thinking that… there was nothing else I could do but take my headache and my pathetic bag of groceries and withdraw into my incapacity of enjoying myself.


  1. ELF says:

    Mi se pare mie, sau cred ca ai ramas o nostalgica a simplistului Dragobete romanesc, care se straduieste aici , ca cel putin sa ajunga din urma Valentine’s Day-ul cuibarit adanc in ifosele multora .
    Nu! chiar daca ne impresioneza balonasele in forma de inimioara ,sa nu uitam, ca ,orice balonase se desumfla foarte repede si zambetele se topesc la fel de rapid si atunci ce ramane ?uneori bucuia unei zile , alteori iluzia , si de cele mai multe ori dezamagirea .

  2. Bobiţa says:

    Nici macar! Despre Dragobete… spre rusinea mea, nu stiu prea multe. Despre Valentine…tot respectul. Daca nu si-ar fi indesat pumnul roz-bombon in gura umilului doritor de alte nuante. Prea e cu cantata, haulita si strigata. Sau poate nu stiu eu sa ma aliniez, asa cum mi se intampla in foarte multe cazuri.

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