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I don’t know if it’s the rain but … something must be blamed

Ruined weekend in Laguna Beach
Happy Anniversary without …
Terrace only for party of 4, party of 2 eats inside
Hotel room with an ocean view and a large hole in the budget, already “taken” by a cockroach (economy?!?)
Furious bags back in the car
And leave
And such beautiful weather…
How about my ocean view?
Corndog at the beach and promises of San Francisco next weekend
This weekend
Not any way
With a plan
By car
Crazy way, because you can’t see anything by plane
No freeway,
The long route
With an ocean view
We’ll get there…
Saturday, Alcatraz
And seals
And cable car
And seals
Sunday or so
And Golden Gate Park
And Chinatown
All with a view…somewhere

And now it’s raining
And everybody’s happy
As it so rarely rains in California
But when it rains, it pours down all my joy

Out …


  1. MAMM says:

    si acuma ploua ,ploua
    Si-i trecut de ora noua ,
    Suparat mi-s doamne iara ,
    C-am plecat pe ploaie-ntara’
    Si-o sa fie de tot hazul ,
    Pana vedem ALCATRAZUL……..


    1. Bobiţa says:

      Trebuie sa recunosc ca m-a amuzat poezioara ta. Am citit-o pe cand tocmai ma pregateam sa intru intr-o dispozitie proasta si sa injur pentru a mia oara ploia ce se scurgea rautacios pe parbrizul masinii, dar mi-a facut bine simplitatea randurilor si amintirea cantecelului cu care “participam” imaginar la tot felul de concursuri de … cantat, pe cand aveam doar cativa anisori. Pretios…

  2. Flavius says:

    Foarte faine pozele!

    1. Bobiţa says:

      Mersi, Flavius! Ditto si tie.

  3. Mike says:

    These two San Francisco posts really capture the essence of the experience. Glad I could help inspire another title! ;)

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