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Here or there?

When I was more than sure I knew myself very well, I realized that I actually didn’t have any idea who I was. I mean, I am the same responsible citizen for all my deeds and vanities, but lately, I have felt helpless trying to stand up against my own person.

She, my person, wanted to go …away.  

Far away!  

And far away she got without reflecting too much. As quick as you rip off a bandage and don’t think of how it is going to be.  Once she got far away, my person wanted to be back home. Because, you know, grass is always greener at home.

But the grass was not green enough or, at least, not as green as it used to be; or it was green, but the type of green she didn’t like, as it was a green full of unjustifiable airs and unfair nuances.  So she decided the turf you buy far away was better. 

“Ok, Lady!”, I told to my undecided person. “I’ll take you back to the far away place, but this is it. No more transatlantic jokes with me. Aren’t you ashamed? Take your lousy whims, dreams and suitcases and throw them to the bottom of the closet, get out there and grow some roots…

She thought I was right and after a while she tossed away the little box with emotions and Romanian facts of life. She encouraged herself and dashed through the sea of daily life happenings from across the ocean. Seconds and minutes and hours happening in different languages and colorful attitudes that only have in common the label “Made in China“.

My person found a little, peaceful corner and a store with east European aromas and she was okay for a while,  for as long as you say, “How many days until summer?” 

But, by the time she got the answer, she was crazily looking for the box full of promises from back home.

I have no idea what she’s going to do when she finds it, but right now I try to make her forget today and remember tomorrow.

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