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With the blower for a walk

I don’t know if right now, on the top of the things that scratch my nerves, there is something that could piss me off worse than the LEAF BLOWER. I have nothing against the doer himself. He just makes some honest money, probably without realizing how much mielina he peels off my nerves every Wednesday morning at 10 minutes after seven… sharp!   My “boooooo” goes to the monster he carries on his back that successfully penetrates my circumvolutions and patience in the same time. The poor monster, unadapted to the 21st century, defies any logic and spreads dirt and stinkiness all over with the innocence of a 2 year old whose facts and deeds are useless and ineffective, but yet tolerated.

He puts some money in his pocket while at the same time …he puts some leaves on my patio. He’s there taking the blowing stuff very seriously even if there is nothing to blow. So, I can’t help not to wonder. What if this is a all a conspiracy concocted by some psychiatrists?

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