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Posts from ‘30 January 2009’

“De cacat”, Romanians!

I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t read Romanian news anymore, but it’s too late, I’m addicted. The more I want to read about our authentic values, about things that would caress souls that have travelled afar, the stronger the words about my fellow citizens appear: “De cacat, Romanians!”
 Ignoring the bad smelling connotation, what else is there hidden behind these [...]

Oooops, we forgot to laugh!

I went to the theatre to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop; “I’m sorry, I did a bad thing and I won’t do it again!“. I don’t know what really urged me to see this movie. It must have been the promise of the comedy of the year or the sweet memory of that convivial Kevin [...]

Just a thought

I woke up this morning and I was upset. I was mad with the wind.
Actually, the wind made me happy. What really upset me was that it didn’t whisper nice thoughts to me as it used to. It was just a simple wind from somewhere not far away, a wind with no emotions or the [...]

Here or there?

When I was more than sure I knew myself very well, I realized that I actually didn’t have any idea who I was. I mean, I am the same responsible citizen for all my deeds and vanities, but lately, I have felt helpless trying to stand up against my own person.
She, my person, wanted to [...]

With the blower for a walk

I don’t know if right now, on the top of the things that scratch my nerves, there is something that could piss me off worse than the LEAF BLOWER. I have nothing against the doer himself. He just makes some honest money, probably without realizing how much mielina he peels off my nerves every Wednesday morning [...]


Neighbors! An almost extinct species. At least, the ones I used to know when, as a kid I was pushing my red bike on the pavement in front of my apartment building with one hand while eating the fresh end of the bread with jam with the other hand.
The neighbors were Tanti Maria from the first floor [...]