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A minute of savory

I’ve recently celebrated Christmas (the temporality of the events in my life is interesting; the way they crowd and compete to be the most recent.) 

For reasons independent from my wish, desire or whim, we celebrated here, in the country from where Christmas used to come to Romania by TV every year, loaded with jingle bells, flying reindeers and perfect packages with big bows under perfect trees adorned with shiny lights. Perfect ones, of course!

I went, together with Bebeloi (my other half, in charge with the equilibrium and mental health of our relationship) to purchase the perfect Christmas tree, as is required of those who want to have the status of being the beneficiaries of a perfect Christmas. On our way to the location where we were supposed to buy our little piece of Christmas joy, there came to my mind this Romanian site I accidentally googled the other day. They were inviting you to a savory Christmas.

“I want one”, I tell to myself, more decided than ever.

Now, let’s see. What are the ingredients for such a thing?

The tree, nice presents, a fire in the chimney, good food, carols…

The guy selling perfect Christmas trees nicely asks me what size the joy of our holiday was. I tell him that the size doesn’t really matter but we would like some savory coming with our tree, if possible. He smiles at me with a sort of complicity in his eyes and then he asks me to follow him. From a stack of tall, green, perfect Christmas trees, he takes out the most perfect one with the afferent savory and tells me, “Buy two and I’ll give you the extra savory for free.” “No, thanks,” I say. What am I supposed to do with that much savory? There are other things on my shopping list.

Ok! I put up the tree, gave it water and nutrients to keep its perfectness unaltered, adorned it and then waited for the savory to embrace me and make me feel the way those Romanians promised. There was some savory floating in the air already but nothing serious. And I wanted the serious version of it.

I get a little bit upset and promise myself I won’t give up. I light up a fire in the Californian must-have – the fireplace, although something doesn’t feel right. With about 86 degrees outside, it feels quite disrespectful to the beautiful wheather to have a fire warming up the house. But if this is the recipe to obtain my savory Christmas, I’ll do it no matter what.

I grab our cat’s new bed, wrap it in a shiny, red wrapping paper imprinted with bells ( jingle ones) attach a big, red bow to the new born, perfect Christmas present and throw it quickly under the tree. I repeat the same operation with the rest of the gifts, which were planned to be brought by Santa in their original bags.

But again, if I want savory, I need to put all the effort into this.

Overall, I have my perfect tree, the perfect presents and fire, Stefan Hrusca in HD, rolled cabbage in the crock-pot, piftie in the fridge, panettone and a good, coarse wine sent by my mom… PERFECT!

But there was still something missing…

I access the site again and recap: tree, fire, red bows, bells…

I walk around, scratching the top of my head and I just can’t figure it out.

Maybe I should have purchased the second tree, the one with the free savory. Who knows, I might have given the tree to a neighbor and kept the extra savory for me.

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